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Your coordinates for competent criminal defense in the center of Frankfurt am Main

What sets us apart

We are schröder|racky - law firm specialized in white collar crime.


Our self-image? We always get to the point in all aspects. Our conviction? We identify the needs and risks of our clients and act professionally. This may sound obviously, but it is not.


Our business clients prefer to focus on their tasks. They need fast, but well evaluated solutions, as well as continuous and competent support. We provide it!


When individual clients' lives turn upside down, calmness and composure are a profound basis to develop the suitable defense strategy. We have it!


How we work

We want to understand

Every path to a solution begins with analysis. It can be rocky, difficult, highly complex and thoroughly uncomfortable. We follow this way wherever it leads us to. And yes, we dig and question deeply and persistently. Because only this enables us to find the right strategy for our clients in the end.


We want the best possible solution

Ideally, we try to resolve problems, conflicts, irritations and questions as quickly and efficiently as possible. But if the only way to find the best solution is through court trial, then we roll up our sleeves, enter the ring for our clients and continue to fight for them there.


We live 360 degrees

For us, thinking outside the box is not an exception, but routine. We do everything that is in our power to prevent a scenario like "case won - client dead", for example through the impact of professional law implications. In this way, we continuously think in the big picture and can act before it is too late.

We advise in these areas

  • Criminal labor law
  • Foreign trade criminal law
  • Banking and capital market criminal law

  • Proceedings under professional law

  • Balance sheet criminal law
  • Insolvency Criminal Law

  • Medical criminal law

  • Antitrust violations

  • Criminal law relating to corruption

  • Appeals, revisions and constitutional complaints

  • Environmental criminal law

  • Criminal tax law

  • Commercial criminal law