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Law Firm for Commercial Criminal Law (GbR)

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60313 Frankfurt a. M.


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Job Title and Licensing

Kathie Schröder and Eva Racky are licensed as lawyers in the Federal Republic of Germany. The professional description “lawyer” and the title “specialist lawyer for criminal law“ were both respectively awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Regulatory Authority

Kathie Schröder and Eva Racky belong to the Bar Association of Frankfurt am Main.
Bar Association Frankfurt am Main, Bockenheimer Anlage 36, 60322 Frankfurt am Main,
Phone: (+49) 69 / 170 098 01, fax: (+49) 69 / 170 098 50, web:


Rules of Professional Conduct

All rules of professional conduct can be viewed at the Federal Chamber of Lawyers under Especially, the following regulations apply:

  • Federal Lawyers’ Act (BRAO)
  • Professional Rules for Attorneys (BORA)
  • Specialist Lawyers’ Act (FAO)
  • Lawyers’ Compensation Act (RVG)
  • Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers of the European Community (CCBE)
  • Law Implementing the Directives of the European Community Pertaining to the Professional Law Regulating the Legal Profession

Specifications on the Professional Liability Insurance

Attorney Kathie Schröder maintains a professional liability insurance through:
ERGO Versicherung AG, Victoriaplatz 1, 40477 Düsseldorf
Territorial Validity: Germany

The coverage scope of the insurances amounts to 1,000,000 Euro each per insurance case.
Attorney Eva Racky maintains a professional liability insurance through:
Allianz AG Theodor-Stern-Kai 1, 60596 Frankfurt am Main
Territorial Validity: Germany
The scope of insurance is 250,000 Euro per insured event and 1,000,000 Euro per year.

Prevention of Conflicts of Interest

The exercise of conflicting interests is prohibited to lawyers due to rules of professional  conduct(§ 43a Section 4 BRAO). Hence, before admission of a client, the existence of a conflict of interests is checked.

Out-of-Court Settlement

During disputes between lawyers and their clients, there is the possibility of an out-of-court settlement upon application with the regional chamber of lawyers (according to § 73 Section 2 No. 3 in conjunction with § 73 Section 5 BRAO) or with the arbitration board of the legal profession with the Federal Chamber of Lawyers (§ 191 f BRAO), to be found in the Internet under the homepage of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers ( or via E-Mail:


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